WELCOME TO Shrinetra Alliance for Liasoning Transportation Services

Shrinetra Alliance for Liasoning and Transportation Services (SALTS) is a purposive relationship between two or more business units that involves the exchange, sharing and co-development of resources or capabilities to unite and reach objectives that are mutually beneficial, while remaining independent. SALTS is a relationship between firms to create more value than they can on their own. SALTS are becoming more and more relevant as a tool for meeting customer demands and a significant form of growth. Alliances offer a means for companies to access new markets, expand geographic reach, obtain cutting-edge technology, and complement skills and core competencies relatively fast.Contemporary business environment forces companies to create alliances, which enable them to take better market position.

As the pace of global business accelerates, and customers continually become more demanding and sophisticated, companies are finding the competitive landscape dramatically changing. Markets are moving so quickly that is very difficult for one company to stay current on all technologies, resources, competencies, and information needed to attack, and be successful in those markets.SALTS innovativeness plays crucial role in accomplishing business efficiency and better market position. SALTS, which aims to become a market leader, invests in innovation and formalization of strategic innovation system.Our successful implementation of strategy of innovation enables sustainable competitive advantage for alliances.

In today's environment, creating sustainable value for customers and shareholders requires creating effective alliances. Alliances are essential building blocks for companies to achieve stronger and more effective market presence. Alliances are now a fact of life for business, an important piece of current operations as well as future strategy.